Blerds Leading Technology Membership Package

Blerds Leading Technology Membership Package


✔ Become an Elite BLT Member

✔ Unlimited Resume Editing

✔ Receive Blerds Leading Technology (BLT) Swag Gear

✔ Receive emails on job openings, tech news and more!

✔ Receive 2 physical certification skill books of choice a year

✔ Access to all local BLT Local Meet-up Events and Training

✔Free Vouchers to tech conferences featured on BLT website

✔ Receive 1 hour of IT Career Consultation every 3 months

✔ Receive 1 hour of Business Consultation every 3 months

✔ Unlimited Access to Computer-Based Training courses 

✔ Receive 1 free IT exam voucher of choice

✔ Access to Venture Capitalists for Startup Businesses

✔Receive VIP invitations to networking events and other social events

Price Options
Elite Membership
BLT Elite Membership Package
$135.99monthly/ auto-renew
Elite Membership
Blerds Leading Technology Elite Membership Package
$108.79monthly/ 3 months
Elite Membership
Blerds Leading Technology Elite Membership Package
$88.39monthly/ 6 months
  • Plan Policy

    One membership package per member.  Member must maintain an active membership status for 4 consecutive months to receive the free exam voucher. After recieving the first certification voucher, member will be able to request a certification voucher every 8 months with consecutive active membership. Member must maintain a 6-month active membership status to include, our Business Consultant recommendation before speaking with VC company.  BLT will receive 3% equity from companies that receive investments from partnered venture capitalist firms.  Member will be emailed notifications for local VIP events  BLT is not responsible for any consultations from partnered companies. After one month of active membership status, member will receive a free conference voucher every 3 months for any featured conference and seminar on BLT page. Member may cancel anytime. All access is removed upon cancellation.

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