Image by Sammyayot254 @ https://superadm
Image by Sammyayot254 @ https://superadm
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Why Blerds Leading Technology Exists


BLT exists to provide an unconventional hub for all minorities in technology that seek to advance their network and enhance their skills. Our mission is to connect talented individuals with unique opportunities for employment, education, and leadership that might not otherwise be afforded to them due to ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation.


To create the strongest group of minority leaders in the technology industry.


To accelerate the movement of diversity and inclusion within the IT industry by providing opportunities for minorities, of both  a professional and student background, to excel in their career.

What Drives This Company?

Let's look at 2020 Statics:
(Preceding Coronavirus Pandemic)
Stem Professionals populate 31% men and 15% women. Within that statistic, Science or Engineers WITH degrees THAT ARE NOT working are 20% women, while 10% who are unemployed are men. In all workforce jobs, women account 57% but of that number, only 25% are in computing and tech industries. In those areas of computing and tech industries, men average 92k a year, while women average 75k. 
Moving aside those numbers, 1% of African Americans make up TECH STARTUP companies. Less of that 1% are women!